Waxing Vs Shaving

Hair removal is one of the biggest issues that face women in their beauty care regime. You are going to want to make sure that you are as smooth as possible, as well as that you are effectively removing any hair from your body too.

Many women shave those areas that need to be hair-free, which does remove the hair, however, it is the best approach to take? Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why waxing may just be better than shaving.

Waxing lasts longer

One of the biggest benefits to waxing over shaving is that waxing removes the hairs right from the root,  which means that it will take more time for the hair to grow back and your skin will feel smoother for longer. You may even find that the hair that then grows back is finer and softer, which makes you feel great.

There is less chance of hurting yourself

We all know the pain of cutting or nicking ourselves whilst shaving. This is reason enough to choose waxing over shaving. Sure, it is going to hurt as you pull off the waxing strips, however, the idea that you don’t have the risk of a cut or a nick is a huge plus point for us.

Waxing is kinder to sensitive skin

Shaving rash is a real issue and if you have sensitive skin then there is much more of a chance that this is going to develop. Waxing is much kinder to sensitive skin compared to shaving and there is a much lower risk that you are going to have to worry about any rashes developing.

With all the benefits listed above, why not get yourself to a salon and see the benefits 1st hand yourself!