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Waxing Vs Shaving

Hair removal is one of the biggest issues that face women in their beauty care regime. You are going to want to make sure that you are as smooth as possible, as well as that you are effectively removing any hair from your body too. Many women shave those areas that need to be hair-free,…

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Waxing at home? Here is why it might be better to head to a salon

There are plenty of parts of your beauty regime that you can do at home, especially with the right equipment and practice. For many waxing is something that they want to be able to do at home, not only because it is going to save them money, but also because it is more convenient too.…

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Digital Vs Analogue

What is analogue technology? When we say something is analogue, we often simply mean that it’s not digital: the job it does, or the information it handles, doesn’t involve processing numbers electronically. In terms of our Analogue wax heaters, the heater will heat up according to how far you turn the dial – the position…

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