Digital Vs Analogue

What is analogue technology?

When we say something is analogue, we often simply mean that it’s not digital: the job it does, or the information it handles, doesn’t involve processing numbers electronically.

In terms of our Analogue wax heaters, the heater will heat up according to how far you turn the dial – the position of the dial is a representative of the temperature that the wax heater will heat up to. How much the heater will heat up is directly related to what number the dial is set at. That sounds incredibly obvious, but it’s much more subtle than it first seems. The point is that the movement of the dial is a way of representing the wax heater getting hotter. It’s a representation or an analogy of the temperature.

What is digital technology?

Digital technology is entirely different. Instead of storing numbers and data as representations on things, the information is first converted into digits/numbers.

Many scientific instruments now measure things digitally (automatically showing readings on LCD displays) instead of using analogue pointers and dials. In general, digital displays are usually quicker and easier to read than analogue ones.

So why buy our Digital Heaters over our Analogue Heaters?

Our digital wax heaters have their very own unique features which make them the leading digital wax heater in the beauty market.

Key Benefits:

One of the quickest wax heaters to produce usable wax. This saves the user time and money as it reduces the time the heater is in use compared to other heaters.

The heater will automatically maintain the desired temperature of the wax in a short space of time.

The user can accurately adjust the temperature of the wax to suit the client by 1°C at a time. This offers a more precise working temperature as some people are more comfortable with higher temperatures than others. The temperature adjustment is also useful when working with waxes of different melting points, eg sugar waxing.

The temperature memory saves time as it allows the user to quickly set the heater.

The digital display allows the user to know the temperature of the wax. This saves the user time having to test the temperature of the wax before use.

When the heater is not in use, Standby mode is set in place to save energy.