Innovative Products

Here at DEO, we recognise the importance of your reputation as a beauty therapist, to confidently offer good treatments to your clients making sure that they will not go elsewhere.

This is why DEO has a team with over 100 years of experience combined, working continuously to bring the latest Digital Technology to the beauty market - Digital Technology that you know you can rely on and not let your clients down.

One Touch Is All It Takes

Introducing the first Digital Wax heater from DEO. 

Through research and experience, DEO has brought to you the latest innovations in wax heating.

Built-to-last with a host of features including one touch temperature memory and energy saving standby mode - this is a must have.

Bringing you our brand new DEO Digital Paraffin Heater.

Designed in such a way as to melt a block of solid wax and stabilize the temperature of the molten wax in the shortest possible time. Allows control of the temperature (increase / decrease) by 1 degree at a time, enabling better treatment control for your clients.